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Unfortunately, inscom 2020 is among the events that cannot be held due to the corona crisis. Yet, communication is more important than ever in these difficult times, for the insurance industry as well. That is why we are hosting our industry event in a slightly different format this time: The inscomTALK! We hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

What you can expect from inscomTALK on Monday, September 21, 2020:

With the motto  “Insurance 2020 – Business Transformation Accelerated” we want you to join us and a few exciting guests in a discussion of the rapid changes being seen in the field of insurance: How is healthcare changing? What role will compliance management play in regard to those changes? What value do innovation and ecosystems have in that context?

We will be discussing this and other questions live with a top-notch panel of experts.

In addition, the renowned trend researcher and futurologist Matthias Horx will also be joining us as our guest: In an exciting keynote speech he will address which lessons society can learn from the corona crisis and how a “new normal” is possible.

Register now – We look forward to having you!

Online event

Keynote speaker

Matthias Horx

Matthias Horx inscomTALK
Futurist, Publicist
and Visionary

Insights from a Deep Crisis: How the "New Normal" Emerges

Crises have various footprints, they leave behind different changes in our economic and cultural models. The Corona crisis differs from past crises such as the financial or refugee crisis in a way that ALL layers of our existence are touched and questioned: politics, economy, institutions, culture, morality, but also human self-esteem, our existential identity. Like no other crisis in the last 50 years, this crisis is a self-experience of society, in which questions of meaning and ethics are also posed anew. It thus accelerates processes that were already latently underway BEFORE the crisis, but did not achieve a breakthrough. In order to understand what will permanently change "after Corona", we need a holistic model of change, the "system of systems" that generates our future.

Panel Discussion

Andreas Schönherr
Managing Director, SwissRe

Andreas Schönherr msg inscomTALK

International regulatory accounting requirements, such as IFRS 9 and IFRS 17, and numerous accounting policies are posing major difficulties for insurers. After all, without innovative solutions, company reporting and controlling standards are extremely difficult and complex to implement. Which is why the insurance industry needs new, digital approaches. SwissRe is working on such approaches in collaboration with SAP and msg as development partners. Andreas Schönherr is an insurance and financial industry expert. Not only does he understand the complex regulatory provisions, he also knows which approaches insurance companies can employ to best master those provisions.

Timm Schindler
Program Manager, AOK Plus

Timm Schindler msg inscomTALK

Policies have already paved the way for the digitalization of healthcare: With ePA, the electronic file act, and the BMG’s (German Ministry of Health) take-over of the gematik company. The crisis is further driving the digitalization process in medicine. Timm Schindler has been overseeing the development of a platform for networked healthcare for a while now. Among the intended results of the platform is the connection of 3.3 million insured, physicians, clinics, therapists, rehab facilities and healthcare services with insurance companies and one another. Schindler explains what is essential in this context and what role insurers will play with the new platform.

Sebastian Pitzler
Managing Director, InsurLab Germany

Sebastian Pitzler inscomTalk

Innovative business ideas are much more likely to be discovered in collaboration with others than within one’s own company alone. That is why more and more insurers are relying on joint efforts with customers, partners and experts in innovation labs in their search for new ideas in digital transformation. Why the insurance industry needs innovative products and solutions now more than ever and how innovation can be realized even during a crisis, is a subject Sebastian Pitzler knows something about. The industry initiative InsurLab was founded in 2017 by the city of Cologne, universities and colleges in Cologne, as well as established insurance companies and start-ups with the goal of advancing innovation and digitalization in the insurance industry.

Karsten Crede
CEO, ERGO Mobility Solutions

Karsten Crede msg inscomTALK

Platforms and ecosystems are revolutionizing the market, as can be seen by examples from around the world. Chinese company Ping An, for example, used its platform and ecosystem strategy to turn itself into one of the largest financial service providers in the world. However, collaborations have become essential in the European insurance market as well, as shown by Ergo Mobility Solutions: As a strategic insurance partner of the automotive and mobility industry, the company introduced an IT platform for insurance services such as car sharing and insurance-on-demand. Karsten Crede will speak at inscomTALK about his personal experience with setting up the ecosystem. He will also explain why these types of customer-centric solution portfolios will offer a key decisive competitive advantage in the future.

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